Why To Trade Options For Consistent Growth? | John Carter’s Options Trading Strategy

It’s simple…if we trade, we want to grow our accounts.

John Carter shows you exactly why you need to trade options (using his simple strategies) to grow your account.

Watch his video HERE

Here’s what you’ll see in his video:

– How to “control” stocks for a fraction of the price so you don’t risk all your capital

– How you can generate consistent returns being dead wrong

– What “premium decay” is and how you can use it to give yourself an edge in trading

– How you can set up occasional home run trades
while generating consistent returns

– A handful of the key stocks I look at every day so you don’t go bug eyed looking for stocks to trade

The video is awesome, free, and you’ll have your eyes opened!

Stream it here

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The Counter Punch Trader Review | Here’s the Solution to Choppy Forex Trading

One of the worst things for any Active Trader is having to put up with choppy trading right?

It’s certainly great to catch a breakout on your favorite market.  Could be an e-Mini futures, your favorite forex pair or even stock symbol. The problem is every market goes through a series of choppy trading.  When that happens we tend to wrack up a lot of losses as traders right?

What if you could place an indicator on your chart that would identify for you many areas where trading is choppy and should be avoided, and then indicate when the choppy conditions are over and you are free to take trades?

The team at NetPicks have developed this exact indicator that they use in their newest and best trading system and they decided to offer the Chop Indicator to you, along with training on how to use it completely complimentary.  Grab it here:

Counter Punch Trader Chop Indicator

This indicator and training is going to be available just for the next few days so I suggest you hop over there and grab it.  Considering it’s a key component in their best trading system you can see how valuable it is.  In just a few minutes you’ll be armed with one of the easiest but most effective tools in your trading toolbox:

Counter Punch Trader Chop Indicator

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OptionsMD Inner Circle | Detailed View Inside

Perhaps you’ve noticed the market acting differently over the last few years …

Or, maybe you felt the struggle and aren’t sure why it seems harder to pull a consistent income from today’s market.   There are good reasons for either one of these challenges …

And that’s why Doc Severson created this video for you.  It will open your eyes to what’s been happening in the market – and how you can use this information to profit.


Click here to watch the first video


his is the first training video in a four-part trading series. Keep your eyes open for the next video – it’s coming shortly.

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Enroll now for Guaranteed Soaring Profits

At last! The wait is over… Guaranteed Soaring Profits enrollment is now open!

Click here to learn more: Guaranteed Soaring Profits NOW

Excitement over Guaranteed Soaring Profits has been mounting exponentially by the day… First, you saw live trade results proving it’s possible for you to grow $5,000 to $50,538 in just 6 short months. Next, 12 years of actual after-commission returns left no doubt that a $50,538 trading account could potentially give you a steady income averaging $134,929 a year.

And, as if looking forward to a perpetual 6-figure income wasn’t exciting enough…

In the third video, you witnessed with your own eyes how easy it is to enter a trade without investing a single penny… and then walk away with hundreds, or even thousands of dollars pure risk-free profit!

Now, this final video puts YOU on the receiving end of the same wealth-building power you’ve been drooling over for a week…

Guaranteed Soaring Profits NOW

This is the shortest… yet the most thrilling video of all. So please, take a minute to watch it now… Don’t wait until later

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Guaranteed Soaring Profits | Get The Facts | No Hype Review

Rob Roy’s high performing Guaranteed Soaring Profits (GSP) is an exclusive Options advisory service which delivers specific “action ready” trade alerts via email. With a staggering 248% average annual rate of return, Rob’s GSP product also includes a free Axiom Soaring Profits Trading Guide which details Rob’s trading strategies used in Guaranteed Soaring Profits and Daily Video Update which provides an eye opening market overview and review of Rob’s current trades.

Offered at two price points (6 month subscription and an 18 month subscription) this course/advisory service includes actual trades, is backed by a full performance guarantee and recently produced 38 winning trades and 6 losses…turning $5,000 into $29,036. That’s an eye-opening 481% return in just 6 months, with over 86% winning trades.

Want to learn more?

Please read this Guaranteed Soaring Profits Review for more information.


==>  Visit official Guaranteed Soaring Profits Website

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ETF Trading Mastery Program | You deserve a piece of these profits

So, what’s actually in this program? It’s defined visually below:

As you can see, the program is in the shape of a Pyramid. We’re going to work on the essentials first before we build it up one layer or “module” at a time, with the eventual goal being that you become a Master Trader.

Let’s briefly discuss each module:

ETF Essentials for Trading Success – this module includes an introduction to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), how they work, and the advantages to trading ETFs over other markets and/or mutual funds. ETFs can be broken down into 6 major categories and different asset classes. I have incorporated ETF Portfolio Watch Lists for different asset classes of ETFs including the most popular and liquid ETFs.

Principles of Charting Mastery – this module covers the first 2 principles of the 4 Key Market Foundation Principles for Trading Mastery. First, I discuss the principles on which the Market Flow Analysis Method (MFAM) is built and how predictable the markets truly can be. Next, I discuss the concepts of Support and Resistance and give tips on how to identify and use these levels properly just as professional traders do.

Principles of Charting Mastery – this module includes the remaining 2 principles of the 4 Key Market Foundation Principles for Trading Mastery. I introduce you to Fibonacci Retracement
Levels and Fibonacci Retracement Confluence and how they’re used
in conjunction with the MFAM for entering on a pullback in a defined trend. I then introduce you to the Keltner Channel Bands and how I use them to identify support and resistance in a trend. I then discuss Mid-Keltner penetrations through the 79 Simple and 89 Exponential
Moving Averages, which I use to define longer-term support and resistance. I also outline the specific criteria that I look for to identify a change of trend. Finally I briefly discuss two other Moving Averages that are commonly used by institutional and many “at home” retail traders alike.

Powerful Price Patterns & Volume – this module covers the
Powerful Price Patterns that I use which are very reliable and predictable when trading at logical support and resistance in a defined trend. I go over where to look for these price patterns in a defined trend as well as the criteria for entering, exiting, and managing these trade set-ups. I then discuss some very important volume concepts that you need to understand to identify on your charts what the “smart money” is doing.


==>  Visit official ETF Trading Mastery Program Website


High Probability TREND Entries – in this module I go over the entry criteria that I use for trading with the trend. I briefly outline the criteria for identifying a change in trend and then discuss my trade setups: the Initial Trend Entry, Successive Trend Entries, and how to enter aggressively or conservatively following the formation of
Extreme Running Patterns. I have found that trading is not only less stressful, but also much more rewarding and profitable simply sticking to trading in the direction of the trend.

The Keys to Trading Success I: Trade Management there are three parts to Trade Management. In this module I will go over specifically where to place your Initial Stop Loss after entering the market, when and where to move your Stop up/down so as to reduce risk, and where to take profits as the market makes money available to you. I will show you the best and most reliable ways to manage your trades.

The Keys to Trading Success II: Trade Sizing – the most critical aspect of your trading plan is Money Management. I will show you how to best use the capital available to you in the most effective manner with the Trade Sizing Strategy that I use. I have also included a Trade Sizing Calculator that you may download and use to help you determine your position size based on your trade setups.

Profiting from Tops & Bottoms – in this module I will teach you a few powerful strategies for recognizing, trading, and profiting from tops and bottoms using a few powerful reversal chart patterns along with a few trading principles you have already learned in previous training modules. This module is geared more towards the advanced trader.

Day in the Life of an ETF Trader – in this module I provide you with 4 steps to set up to help automate your trading. First and foremost, you have to set up your charts, I have included here exactly what needs to be on your charts. Once your charts are set up, create your own personal portfolio watch list. On your symbol grid, set aside some space to list all of the ETFs that are currently setting up and some space where you can manage a list of your LIVE trades. Successful traders are organized.

Daily Income: Day Trading ETFs – this module is for those of you who have an extra hour or two a day and wish to day trade for daily income. Everything that you have learned in previous training modules applies to day trading on the smaller intra – day time frames.
In this module, I discuss how I view and treat the smaller time frame intraday charts when the market opens each day and show you that all of the charting principles and trading strategies that you have already learned up to this point may be applied and implemented on the smaller intraday time frames. A chart is a chart is a chart!

The YOU Assessment: Maximizing Your Potential – trading is 70 to 80% emotional and psychological, therefore, you truly need to understand yourself. In this module, I go through Six ‘YOU Questions’ that YOU need to answer in order to have a better understanding of what markets you should be trading and  what time frames are best suited to you and your personality.

ETF Trading Mastery Framework – By the time you reach this module, you have already learned everything you need to know to be a consistently successful ETF trader. This module may be used as a “Quick-Reference Guide” for implementing and executing the trading strategies taught in this course.


Want to learn more?

==>  Visit official ETF Trading Mastery Program Website


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John Carter’s Interesting Way to Trade Options on ETFs FREE Video

I told you about a new Options strategy that John Carter was working on recently…and he’s FINALLY SHOWING IT!

Video: My Favorite Way to Trade Options on ETFs

This strategy is the ‘sleep at night as you trade options’ strategy. And we ALL need that! Here’s just a taste of what John shows you in this video:

  • Why trading options on ETFs cuts your risk so you can sleep at night
  • How you can profit with ETFs from the unexpected move in the dollar
  • Why you avoid the games high frequency traders play by trading ETFs
  • Why most analysts have the next move in the dollar wrong and how to protect your investments
  • What are some of the markets that will be impacted by the dollars next move

Here’s the link to watch the video

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Forex For Profits Program | Changing trading strategy

It’s no secret. Everyone trades different.

Some people trade from black box systems and complicated indicators …while others prefer the simplicity and accuracy of trading with price.

Some feed off energy from a possible “home-run trade”,
while others are content with “settling” for consistent income. Some enjoy jumping from strategy to strategy,
while others stick to a tried-and true approach. It’s no different with the Forex. Many people love its leverage and liquidity,
while others just can’t get into trading currency.

Regardless of where you stand, I invite you to watch Todd Mitchell’s latest tutorial, “Profiting from Foreign Currencies with an Unfair Advantage.”

Because he shares trading insight that applies to all markets (including why today’s technical indicators create unnecessary challenges).

And if you currently trade the Forex or are at least considering it, you’ll discover …

  • Which two time frames provide the most favorable times to make money
  • The 6 pairs that offer the most reliable profit opportunities
  • How to add the Forex to your current trading plan without opening a separate  account
  • The most direct and easily accessible method for seeing the market’s overall supply and demand
  • And much more

The average daily volume in the Forex market is 47.6 times larger than the entire world’s stock market combined. Don’t you deserve a piece of the profits?

Click here to watch Todd’s tutorial today

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Complete Currency Trader Program Review | Brand New Forex Trading Program

When a currency trading legend releases a brand new video revealing his number 1 tactic for crushing the market…You get a rare chance to tap into a jaw dropping resource that will lift your game to the next level.

This short 30 minute video is crammed with explosive strategies that will help you dominate the competition.

Get this white hot information now by clicking this link

*How to exploit the most powerful EDGE that almost no one else is even aware of

*How to identify the best trends and strongest moves… in advance

*How a simple fundamental tactic can increase your win rate and reduce your losses

*How to triple the size of your average win compared to your average loss

A word of warning before you watch:

1. If you like the comfort of being “one of the crowd” doing what everyone else does; DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! The information disclosed in this webcast is the exact opposite to the worthless nonsense the crowd love to believe.

With that clear, if you want some stunningly vicious, insider information that will transform your trading overnight, you MUST watch this video now.

Click the Link below AND Opt-in with your email to get full access

YES! Let me in now

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FREE EBOOK by John Carter – Understanding Options

John Carter just released a new ebook Understanding Options.

And the best: It’s free.

Here’s what he is covering in the eBook:

  • How to use leverage to grow your account exponentially or free up excess capital
  • What the options basics are so you’re never confused by an options chain again
  • The essentials to managing your position at expiration
  • The two different types of settlement
  • The key options terms you need to know
  • The most important factor to your options trading success
  • … and much more.

Sounds interesting?

Then click here to download the free eBook now


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